In Army of Two there are several co-op abilities that can be executed. They include:


  • Back To Back - Both players stand back to back to cover eachother.
  • Step Jump - One player stands against a wall while holding his hands out and lifts up his teammate. The boosted player can then reach down and pull up his partner.
  • Emotes - Both players can do a range of emotes from slapping eachother, to palying air guitar, or even playing Rock-Paper-Scissors.
  • Feign Death - If a player is about to die, he can fake his death. All the aggro will then go to his partner.
  • Drag Partner/Healing - When a player is injured, his teammate must go to his location and either drag him to safe area, or heal him in that spot.
  • Makeshift cover - Players can tip over objects, such as tables, to create cover. Players can also pick up cover objects and carry them. For example, a car door can be ripped off and used as a shield.
  • Co-Op Snipe - Players snipe at exactly the same time with a countdown to inflict the most damage before alerting people.
  • Grab - When close to an enemy, you can press the grenade button and take them hostage. (40th Day only)
  • Parachute - The players with have to land at a certain point from an airdrop or cliff-jump. One player steers while the other kills enemies to cover the descent. (Army Of Two only)
  • Carry - One player will carry an injured NPC to a certian point while the other covers. (Army Of Two only)
  • Swap Weapons - The players can swap their primary weapons. (Army Of Two only)
  • Overkill/Stealth - After one player fires continuosly, they can activate Overkill. One player walks slowly and fires 2x damage, while the other can run and basically be invisible. Both have unlimited ammo during the amounted time. (About 10 seconds) (Army Of Two and Devil's Cartel only)
  • Temporary Weapon - Both players can pick up weapons that enemies drop. From a simple pistol, to a RPG or Gatling Gun.