Army of Two: The 40th Day Soundtrack
Army of Two The 40th Day Soundtrack
Released 2010
Label E.A.R.S (EA Recordings)

The Army of Two: The 40th Day Soundtrack features the music from the game Army of Two: The 40th Day. All of the music on this soundtrack was written by Tyler Bates. The soundtrack is known to have explicit lyrics.

Track ListingEdit

All music composed by Tyler Bates

Track Song Length
1 "Introduction" 1:51
2 "What Else Could Go Wrong?" 1:14
3 "Highrise" 4:35
4 "Embassy" 2:04
5 "Descent" 2:46
6 "Bossa China (Interlude) 0:59
7 "Veritgo" 2:41
8 "Can Your Contact Hear Me?" 1:14
9 "Highway" 1:44
10 "Free Murray" 1:26
11 "Get To Ground" 1:22
12 "A Few Extra Bullets" 1:17
13 "Zoo" 5:36
14 "Cages" 4:36
15 "Hospital Streets" 3:56
16 "Auditorium" 3:53
17 "Bresnev" 3:27
18 "Back to Back" 2:52
19 "Bund" 5:31

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