In Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel, you can carry three weapons at one time (only three, any weapon you pick up will replace yours). 


You can choose any two weapons from those available for primary and secondary slots.

Assault riflesEdit

  1. M4
  2. AK-47
  3. AK-47 with "Day of the Dead" skin (available from the Day of the Dead kit in the Overkill Edition)
  4. FX 08
  5. BR-19
  6. M-KAR
  7. MTAB-19
  8. M1
  9. FH-80
  10. X9 Tactical

Light machinegunsEdit

  1. SAW
  2. RPD
  3. MG-23
  4. MG-40


  1. LE-400
  2. Double-D (available from the Overkill kit in the Overkill edition)
  3. ASG Combat
  4. S-12
  5. DAO-X

Submachine gunsEdit

  1. MP-U45
  2. Ruslan MK3
  3. SD3
  4. UCAP 9000
  5. ML-IX

Sniper riflesEdit

  1. Swat-LR .300
  2. Longshot R50
  3. SVD
  4. AMR-50


  1. M92
  2. TAH-9 (available from the TAH-9 kit in the Overkill edition)
  3. Model 971
  4. M1911
  5. Falcon .50
  6. P226
  7. Mag-44

(None of the Sidearms have any attachments. The only customization you can do is to change their colors.)

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