Assault Rifles are fully automatic firearms that are widely used by military and paramilitary forces across the globe, they come in many shapes and sizes from numerous manufactures. Each one is unique and very few actually have stats that are similar to each other, they are useful in many situations (especially after customization) but do not provide the specialized capabilities of other weapons. Nevertheless you should always consider carrying one of these under most situations.


Media favourite, the AK-47 returns in Army of Two: The 40th Day, as the cheapest weapon available.


The G36C is the primary weapon of both the private security guards in the first mission and by the 40th Day Initiative for the first few levels, it is also the first assault rifle that you receive during the game.


Called the M416 in the game, the HK416 is a well rounded assault rifle with stats similar to the SCAR-L. the primary disadvantage of the HK416 is the incredibly high aggro, which can be a hindrance at times.


Retutning again, the Felin-2C boasts a high rate of fire, and good damage. However, it has limited customization options.


The M4 returns in The 40th Day, but only has average performance, when compared to some of the other assault rifles.


The QBZ-03 is a usable assault rifle in Army Of Two: The 40th Day, corresponding to its surroundings, this rifle is a Chinese weapon.


In the game, the SCAR-L is a well-rounded assault rifle that has it's primary advantage in precision and handling.


The AS-KR1 was one of the winners of a competition to design a weapon for The 40th Day, and is a high performance, but expensive assault rifle, and is not customisable.

M249 SAW (Exception)Edit

The M249 is the only light machinegun available in The 40th Day, and as such, is classified amongst the assult rifles.

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