Purchasing all available masks will unlock the "Man of Many Masks" achievement.

Salem rios

Salem (left) and Rios (right) wearing their signature masks.

A ballistic face mask, also known as facial armor, is a type of personal armor designed to protect the wearer from ballistic threats. Ballistic face masks are usually made of kevlar or other bullet resistant materials and the inside of the mask may be padded for shock absorption, depending on the design.

Since their introduction in the first game, they have become somewhat iconic, and in The Devil's Cartel it is shown that all TWO operatives wear them.

The masks used by SSC and TWO have an armoured shell that protects the entire face and partially wraps around the side and top of the head, which is attached to a hinge, allowing the mask to be lifted away from the face for ease of communication. The masks usually have some sort of design painted or carved on, and occasionally have other features, such as holes or protrusions. The design of the mask worn by the character is often a reflection of their personality traits, in Salem's case, his camouflage mask with flames could represent his military background and fiery personality while Rio's mask represnts his grim facial expressions and massive scar over the right side of his face.

Rios's masksEdit

These are the 12 masks available to Rios. "Grim Reminder" is his default mask.

Salem's masksEdit

These are the 12 masks available to Salem. "Custom Ink" is his default mask.

Clyde's maskEdit

Mask clyde

Clyde's mask.

Philip Clyde has a mask similar to those of Rios and Salem. However, his has a smile carved into it, and a V cutout for his mohawk.

Like Rios and Salem, Clyde is not seen wearing a full mask until his appearances after the first mission in Somalia. However, unlike them, he doesn't wear any sort of mask during his first appearance, in Somalia.

The 40th DayEdit

In the second game, Rios's and Salem's signature masks return, but they now share all mask designs, although they have different mask shapes. However, none of the masks need to be purchased, and amongst the designs is Clyde's mask.

Mask CreatorEdit

There was a mask creator on the website for The 40th Day that allowed players to upload and use custom masks. However, no new website was created for The Devil's Cartel, meaning that the mask creator is no longer available.

The Devil's CartelEdit

In the third game, Alpha and Bravo have their own signature masks, and have access to many other designs, including designs that are only unlocked through game progression.

Signature masksEdit

There is a large selection of pre-made masks in The Devil's Cartel (much more than in previous ones), including some that cannot be seen until they are unlocked via in-game progress. Most of them are new ones, with only a few returning from the previous two games. All masks must be unlocked and purchased with in-game currency.

Bonus masksEdit

Game DemoEdit

Upon playing and finishing the demo, you will unlock two more signature masks if you play the full game. These masks are edited versions of Alpha's and Bravo's masks, named "White Alpha" and "Dark Bravo", respectively.

Game Tie-InsEdit

Thereis also a Need For Speed: Most Wanted mask that is unlocked if the player has previously completed the game. It costs $50,000.

Custom masksEdit

In The Devil's Cartel, the player has the ability to create free custom masks when not in a session. The custom masks are based on Alpha's mask shape. 3D shapes cannot be added.

Bonus masksEdit

There are six masks available for the Overkill Edition of the game. They are the four "Day of the Dead" kit masks, the "Overkill" mask and the "Polymer" mask. Each mask has a corresponding set of tactical gear, except for the "Day of the Dead" masks, which share a single set.

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