Basic Training
Basic Training
Game: Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel
Place: T.W.O. Headquarters
Previous Chapter: Introduction
Next Chapter: Permission to Engage
  • Proceed through door
  • Get to the shooting range
  • Shoot the targets with your primary weapon
  • Shoot the targets with your secondary weapon
  • Switch to sidearm.
  • Shoot targets w/ your sidearm.
  • Go to the cover training area.
  • Enter cover.
  • Move to the next cover.
  • Move to adjacent corner.
  • Vault the barrier. Do it again.
  • Go to cover shooting training.
  • Get to the next area.
  • Use order to interact w/ door.
  • Get to the Killhouse. Learn Overkill
  • Get to the MMG Room.
  • Enable TWO Vision.
  • Flank the gunner, shoot the gunner.

Basic Training is the second mission of Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel.




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