The FIM-92 is a shoulder-launched anti-aircraft interception ground-to-air missile. It is a passive "heat-seeking" (Infra-Red Homing) missile with a 3 kg. proximity- and impact-fused explosive warhead.

Full-scale production began in 1978. It replaced the obsolete FIM-43 Redeye system in front-line US service beginning in 1981.

The missile itself weighs 22 lbs. and the reusable launcher weighs 12 lbs. The weapon is deployed in two-man teams consisting of a Gunner and a Spotter.


The Stinger has progressed through gradual development stages.

  • FIM-92A Stinger (1978-1987) = Uses IR Homing only.
  • FIM-92B Stinger POST (Passive Optical Seeker Technique) (1983-1987) = Dual-seeking sensor scans with both Infra-Red and Ultra-Violet tracking. UV tracking is used to avoid being spoofed by IR countermeasures like flare dispensers.
  • FIM-92C Stinger RMP (Reprogrammable Micro-Processor) (1987-1992) = Contained a ROM chip to allow firmware upgrades. Later firmware-upgraded models were classified FIM-92D (c.?) and FIM-92G (c.2002).
  • FIM-92E Stinger Block I upgrade (1995-2001) = A FIM-92D with an upgraded sensor package and a firmware upgrade to improve control-surface handling. A later firmware-upgraded model (c.2001) was classified FIM-92F.
  • FIM-92H Stinger Block I upgrade (1995 - 2001) = Stocks of FIM-92D converted to the FIM-92E standard.
  • FIM-92X Advanced Stinger Block II upgrade = A FIM-92E with an improved IIR-FPA (Imaging Infra-Red Focal Plane Array) sensor and firmware scanner upgrade to deal with a cluttered target environment. It was proposed for adoption in 2004, but budget cuts forced it to be shelved. (It did not receive an official service classification, so the experimental "X" designation is used).

Army of TwoEdit

Cost: $42,500.
Magazine: 1 Missile and Launcher.

In Army of Two, the Stinger Missile is available in certain levels. Unlike the unguided RPG-7 rocket launcher, the FIM-92 Stinger can lock on to its target.

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