A flame superheavy using a flamethrower in the Mall mission.

The flamethrower is a weapon in Army of Two: The 40th Day. It is only available by pickup from a flamethrower superheavy. The flame superheavy is first battled in the Hospital mission. Its damage values are unknown, but as soon as you set an enemy on fire, they'll stop shooting and eventually die. The weapon's range is so short that comparing it to a shotgun is like comparing a snub-nosed revolver to a .50 cal. Sniper Rifle. This weapon's usefulness is questionable at best but it is reasonably light weight and it is highly entertaining to watch enemies burn.


  • One explanation for it's extremely short range is that it uses some kind of compressed gas as a fuel source rather than a flammable liquid or napalm that nearly all military grade flamethrowers use (this would also explain why the fuel tank on the backs of the Superheavies that use them explode when shot since it is nearly impossible to do this with a liquid like gasoline).