Gear refers to the armor and clothing worn by the mercenaries in the Army of Two series, and each game has a different gear system.


From the first game, Rios and Salem are seen wearing ballistic masks. They continue to wear these through The 40th Day, and all T.W.O. operatives wear them in The Devil's Cartel.

Army of TwoEdit

In Army of Two, Rios and Salem have access to 3 grades of armor, which gives them varying levels of protection.

Army of Two: The 40th DayEdit

In The 40th Day, Salem and Rios can choose between sets of gear, though these sets only change their appearance, and do not provide and additional protection.

Army of Two: The Devil's CartelEdit

In The Devil's Cartel, Alpha and Bravo have access to a broad range of tactical gear, like in The 40th Day, these sets only change the character's appearance, and o not provide any level of additional protection.

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