Mk 23

The Heckler & Koch MK 23, is a handgun consisting of a match grade semi-automatic pistol, a laser aiming module, and suppressor. It was adopted by the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) for special operations units in the 1990s. While the designation applies to the complete system, it's also commonly used in reference to the pistol component itself.

Army of TwoEdit

In Army of Two, the Heckler & Koch Mk 23  Mod 0 was introduced as the SOCOM MK.23.

Cost: $6,000

Ammo capacity: 12



  • Base - $0
  • Triton ST51 - $2,500
  • RSOC Pentagon Elite - $5,000


  • 12-Round Magazine - $0
  • 24-Round Magazine - $5,500


  • None - $0
  • FSA Night Wing Mk.7 - $1,000


  • Standard - $0
  • Pimped - $10,000


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