La Guadaña (Spanish > "The Scythe") is a major drug cartel based in the city of La Puerta, Mexico. It is the opposing force in Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel.

Major MembersEdit

  • Esteban Bautista - The leader of the cartel.
  • El Diablo ("The Devil") - Bautista's top lieutenant. He is cruel and ruthless. Later sets up Bautista's death and becomes leader.
  • "The Machete Guy" - One of Bautista's liutenants.

TWO's RoleEdit

TWO is hired to supplement the Mexican government's forces in their war with La Guadaña. This causes Tyson Rios to expand TWO's numbers to meet the demands of the contract. Their success against the cartel makes them targets for reprisal.

While escorting a VIP named Cordova during a routine protection detail, the cartel attacks the armored convoy with RPGs. This knocks out the armored trucks they were traveling in and splits the survivors up. Operatives Alpha and Bravo need to recover Cordova and any surviving teammates and exfiltrate to a rally point for extraction.