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Army of Two: The 40th Day - Morality ChoicesEdit

Throughout your game experience, you will encounter multiple morality choices that will change your gameplay experience. Making all positive morality choices up to Mission 004: The Hospital will earn you the G18C pistol.

Mission 001: Shanghai Streets Edit

The morality choice for this level is to kill JB, or not to. Killing him earns you 7,500, and sparing him earns you nothing.

POSITIVE: Salem shoots the ground and claims "He got away", Rios then tells JB to "Stay dead". JB stocks up on cash and weapons and flies to Seychelles, where he is assassinated. Rewards: None

NEGATIVE: Rios shoots JB in the back of the head (which he miraculously survives) and JB grapples with Rios until Salem fires multiple bullets in his chest. Rios kicks JB off of the rooftop ultimately bringing his death. JB then has a Missing Persons File put out for him. Salem claims killing JB was "Bullshit". Rewards: $7,500.

Mission 002: In Case of Fire Edit

The morality choice for this level is to take the weapons, or not to. Taking the weapons earns you the HM Shotgun and the M416 (debatably the best primary in the game), and leaving them earns you nothing.

POSITIVE: Don't take the weapons (security guard sells them to your enemies). Rewards: None

NEGATIVE: Tyson Rios and Elliot Salem decide to take the weapons. Tyson tells Elliot to disarm the armed security guard. When Salem slaps the pistol away from the guard, the gun discharges. The bullet ricochets off the wall and kills the security guard. Rios exclaims, "How hard is it to not kill someone?!" Salem mutters, "Harder than I thought", before leaving. A cinematic plays, showing a little girl (possibly the security guard's daughter) crying over a picture of the dead guard. Rewards: HM Shotgun and the M416.

Mission 003: The Zoo-Crash Site Edit

The morality choice for this level is whether to kill the white tiger or not. Killing it earns you a FR Elite sniper stock and a V17 bayonet, and sparing it earns you nothing.

POSITIVE: Don't kill the white tiger. A cut scene then shows the tiger roaming the streets and getting into a car, not far from the car. a robber is robbing a shop and then gets into his car, only to be killed by the tiger. Rewards: None.

NEGATIVE: Kill the white tiger. The white tiger was the last of its kind, and when you kill it, it becomes extinct. Rewards: FR Elite sniper stock and V17 bayonet.

Mission 004: The Hospital-A Room with A View Edit

If you've made all three good morality decisions for the first three levels, the Doctor gives you the G18c, an automatic pistol. Very useful.

The morality choice for this level is whether to let the boy take the sniper or to let him hide in the vent. Letting him go out earns you the M107 .50 Cal, leaving him earns you 30,000 bucks when you return to the Doctor. This is the only level in which the good morality choice earns you anything other than good morality points.

POSITIVE: Don't let the boy take the sniper rifle. He remains safe while you dispatch the remaining mercs. Then simply escort the boy back to Doctor Wu. Rewards: $30,000 near end of mission.

NEGATIVE: Let the boy take the sniper rifle. The boy crawls under some seats to retrieve the rifle. He is successful, but is killed when he exposes himself by cheering. The cinematic shows the boy's parents (who survived the 40th Day's attack) mourning the loss of their son. Rewards: M107 .50 Cal sniper rifle.

Mission 005: The Mall Edit

The morality choice for this level is whether to injure Brenzhev or not. Letting him go earns you 75,000 dollars, injuring him earns you nothing.

POSITIVE: Stop Brenzhev from an implied rape of a woman. The mercs shoot Brenzhev, and kick the gun to the woman. After they leave, the woman is revealed to be a KGB assassin, who then kills Brenzhev's wife, but is shot dead before she executes her newborn child. The cinematic ends with a wounded Brenzhev clutching his child uncertainly. Rewards: Nothing.

NEGATIVE: Don't stop Brenzhev. After Elliot Salem and Tyson Rios leave Brenzhev, he advances towards the woman, who kicks him in the face. An enraged Brenzhev draws a handgun and kills the woman before leaving. It is unknown what happens to Brenzhev after this. Rewards: $75,000.

Mission 006: The Bund Edit

There is no morality choice for this level

Mission 007: The Temple Edit

This final morality choice for this level is whether to kill Jonah, or your partner. You don't get anything either way, but killing Jonah is "Extreme Morality -", and killing your partner is "Extreme Morality +". 

POSITIVE: Kill your partner. Rewards: None.

NEGATIVE: Kill Jonah. Rewards: None.

POSITIVE: The one who made the decision shoots his partner shoots the other and loses control of their temper. The survivor yells at Jonah to call off his attack. Jonah calls off his troops, but throws the supposed detonator in the air and attempts to shoot the surviving partner. The survivor shoots and kills Jonah. With the 40th Day pulled out of Shanghai, the surviving partner kneels next the other and says they are sorry, then the U.N. flies in and rescues the remaining population and the credits roll.

NEGATIVE: The one who made the decision shoots Jonah repeatedly. With Jonah dead the computer player questions the other about the choice they made. They question whether or not he had more plans for other cities. No bomb goes off, but the 40th Day remains in Shanghai, and the city is all but lost. Rios and Salem escape on a chopper and the credits roll.

Camaraderie and MoralityEdit

To raise Camaraderie, you must press A when next to your partner or play rock, paper, scissors (Y) when not in combat.

To lower Camaraderie, you must press B when next to your partner and not in combat.

To raise Morality, you can save hostages, tie down enemies or do the positive morality choices.

To lower Morality, you can kill hostages, kill enemies when they are surrendering, choosing the negative morality choices or downing your partner.

Titles Edit

Titles are based on camaraderie and morality levels. The camaraderie levels are the prefix and the morality ones are the suffix.

Camaraderie Titles Edit

In order from worst to best friends:












Morality Titles Edit





Bad Eggs


Mercenaries (neutral)

Good samaritans