Real world PKM

The PK is a 7.62 mm general-purpose machine gun designed in the Soviet Union and currently in production in Russia. The PK machine gun was introduced in the 1960s and replaced the SGM and RPD machine guns in Soviet service. It remains in use as a front-line infantry and vehicle-mounted weapon with Russia's armed forces, and has been exported extensively.

Army of TwoEdit

The PK is a machine gun in Army of Two, referred to as the PKM (Pulemyot Kalashnikova Modernetya - "Machinegun, Kalashnikov-designed, Improved model").

Cost: $24,500

Ammo capacity: 100



  • Base - $0
  • Comrade 64 - $3,500
  • V47 Svyatogo Mikhail - $7,000
  • PKT Avtomat Mk.2 - $24,500


  • Base - $0
  • Vintovka 63 - $5,000


  • None - $0
  • Aegis Guardian V1 - $5,000


  • Standard - $0
  • Pimped - $10,000

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