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Role: SSC Operative
Army of Two Angry Joe armor by MaroBot

Philip Clyde's Mask (Note that the mask seems to have a smile. And there is a triangular cut on the top for Clyde's mohawk)

Voice actor: Noah Blake


"I'm gonna kill you both, slice you open, and go to an aerobics class using your intestines as leg warmers!"

— Philip Clyde
Ruthless, arrogant, merciless, sadistic, and insane, but brilliant in a twisted sort of way, Philip Clyde is a one man nightmare. He's a good person to have on your side when you need something reprehensible, or immoral done quickly and quietly, but generally, he's a bad person the rest of the tim

Philip Clyde and his "Glascow" smile, giving him his nickname "Smiley" by Rios and Salem.

e. Clyde prefers not to use guns to kill his enemies. Instead he uses his hands - because it's "more intimate".

Preferring the term "mercenary" to private contractor, he works alone - partly because he likes it that way - but mostly because no one else can stand him. A few of his most notorious features are his Mohawk, his face mask, much like Salem and Rios, and the Slashes on the undersides of both forearms. These scars may have been self-inflicted, which would explain his sado-masochistic behaviour. He becomes one of the most hated people in the game after Rios and Salem first encounter him. Salem and Rios encounter Clyde in an airplane before the final level and he is seen with a Glasgow smile(such as Heath Ledger's Joker,) and tries to kill both Salem and Rios. At the end of the game you have an objective to kill his bodyguards, and it refers to him as "Smiley," because of his Glasgow smile.

Rios and Salem are left with a bitter taste in their mouths after their first encounter with Clyde in Somalia. Clyde mocks their failures, and repeatedly endangers their lives - even after they complete his mission for him. From that point on Rios and Salem never really trust Clyde and always keep an eye on him - the way you might keep an eye on a King Cobra slithering slowly into your bedroom.


After a climatic gunfight on Cha-Min Soo's plane, the two operatives left on a hovercraft believing Clyde would die in the crash but for an unknown reason he survived, they later encountered him during a fight in the archive room in the SSC headquarters where he was thrown out through a window by Salem, killing him, presumably because he gets crushed on the ground below. It's unknown if he survived this as it occurred during a hurricane.

Tactics in Boss FightEdit

  • It's always the same: use aggro.
  • Take good cover. His sniper rifle does a lot of damage - enough to bring you down in one shot in Professional mode.
  • Try not to get into Overkills - it would be a big problem if the character in Power Mode gets shot.
  • Shoot after he shoots. For some reason after every shot Clyde stands up to command his troops.
  • Make sure you know his location - he moves after a few shots.
  • Kill the rest of the enemies before going after him; it makes it easier to know his location. Stay away from him though.



  • In Army of Two: The 40th day in the DLC Salem says "I hate this guy almost as much as I hate Smiley" while in the elevator.
  • You can wear Smiley's mask in Army of Two: The 40th day.
  • The FGM-148 Javelin makes its only appearence in the game when Clyde gets thrown back from his grenade and he tries to kill his favorite duo with it.
  • Because of most of the angles in the cutscenes of Clyde, it is hard to tell if his Glasgow smile is made from the pilot's blood, or if Clyde self-inflicted the smile with his knife. (Although it is most likely the latter, considering Clyde's personality and the fact that blood is dripping all around his mouth and chin.)

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