SAL-86 original sketch

The original sketch of the SAL-86 submitted by salvucci91

The SAL-86 Long-Range Sniper Rifle was a DLC weapon that was one of two winners of the Weapon Design Contest promotion held by EA Games, the makers of Army of Two. It was available for customers who pre-ordered the X-Box 360 version of Army of Two from GameStop and EB Games.

The SAL-86 consists of a 5.56mm Assault Rifle with an 130-round drum (the M86 AR) and a Squad Anti-Personnel Light grenade launcher (SAL) mounted under the barrel. Cost = $165,000.


  • The weapon was designed by contributor salvucci91.
  • The weapon was rare because the download code was given out before the SAL-86 was available. Those that downloaded it too soon just got the BST-V1 and couldn't get the SAL-86.

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