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Trans-World Operations (T.W.O.)
, later Tactical Worldwide Operations, is the Private Military Corporation (PMC) founded by mercenaries Tyson Rios and Elliot Salem after they took down SSC.


Qualifications: Army SF (Para-commandos), Renaissance Commandos (Navy SEALs, Green Berets), mechanized infantry (A.T.V. specialists), Intelligence (Non-combat)

Iconic obsessions: The Kevlar facemask and martial arts

Amalgam type: Strange interest spinoffs of Americop of Marvel Comics

Job oppurtunities of each military field

Black Berets (Light infantry/cavalry, combat inexperienced)- Former U.S. Army, Army Reserve, Junior cadet services, self trained individuals are put on search teams, sentry duty, and field combat. Must qualify in sidearms, rifles, grenades/explosives, combat vehicle expertise and mobile land patrol. I can use black berets for a variety of fields for sophistication on vehicles and aviation.

Green Berets (Land infantry/heavy infantry, combat experienced) - Former SEALs, Coast Guard, National Guard/Special Rangers, Field Operations, Marines Recon, Unqualified Army SF, evaluation routines available on your extended land skills in my recruiting office. Must qualify in non-mobile land patrol, heavy weapons, advanced war tactics/S.E.R.E., and mechanized infantry transport. I do not want green berets as much as everything else, Norman Shwarzkopf did, but i don't.

Tan beret(Airborne rangers/shock troops, raw)- Light infantry and shock troops will undergoe extended T.W.O. training if your found unsuitable to the operations so you may perform raids and direct combat, light infantry are ineffective expendable vicious combat units. Must qualify in special operations warfare and airborne.

Maroon beret(Airborne troops/armsman, legendary)- Paratroopers and extended land infantry, these are the soldiers i want the second most. Must qualify in special operations and airborne.

Army of TwoEdit

At the end of Army of Two, Alice Murray recieves a phone call from Rios stating that he and Salem started their own Corporation, and he asks Alice if she is interested. Alice's response is not actually heard, but she is seen to smile after a few seconds. It is also seen that Victor Roshankov and Cha-Min Soo are standing with Rios and Salem, when Alice asks who their stockholders are.

Army of Two: The 40th DayEdit

Rios, Salem, and Alice Murray were its only members as of Army of Two: The 40th Day, arms dealers Victor Roshankov and Cha-Min Soo as its major stockholders.

In Army of Two: The 40th Day, T.W.O. are carrying out a routine mission in Shanghai, China, but after the mission has been completed, the city comes under attack, and they must defend the disaster-wracked city from a rogue PMC. During the events in Shanghai, Alice is killed when her evac helicopter is destroyed, leaving Salem and Rios as the only members of T.W.O.

Army of Two: The Devil's CartelEdit

By the time Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel takes place, the company has been renamed to Tactical Worldwide Operations, and it seems that T.W.O. has grown into a large organization with many operatives and members. According to Salem, until their run-in with the cartel, T.W.O was doing better than ever.

In Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel, its is seen that T.W.O. is taking on new members, including Alpha, BravoChuy and Baker. During Alpha and Bravo's first mission, they work with Rios and Salem, and Salem is apparently killed, and Rios badly injured, leaving him as an executive. Five years later, T.W.O. was sent into Mexico to help deal with the cartel that has taken over the country. During the events in Mexico all of the operatives who were sent, except for Alpha and Bravo, are killed in action. Rios joins Alpha and Bravo towards the end of the story, and the three of them move to take down the cartel.

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