Tactical gear is introduced in Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel, and is essentially an alternate wording for choosing character outfits. A similar system was in place in Army of Two: The 40th Day, as the player could choose from 7 character skins when replaying, once the game had been completed. In The Devil's Cartel, tactical gear must be unlocked and bought. It is also purely cosmetic, is not Customizable, and does not include masks.

Default gearEdit

There are two default sets of tactical gear; "Alpha" and "Bravo". They are Alpha and Bravo's standard outfits, and can be worn by either character.

Bought gearEdit

All sets of tactical gear must be bought with in-game currency.

Visible gearEdit

All of these sets cost $3,000 each, and are visible from the start of the game. Contactor, Skullcandy and Commando are available from rank 1, and all other sets are unlocked at ranks 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17 and 19, in the order shown below.

Hidden gearEdit

These sets of gear are hidden until they are unlocked. The Meat Shield armor and mask are unlocked upon beating the game on the Hard setting. The "Inmate" Prison Jumpsuit and "Horse" mask are unlocked upon beating the game on the Insane setting.

Bonus gearEdit

There are three sets of tactical gear available from the Overkill Edition of the game. They are the Dia de Los Muertos, Overkiller and Full Auto sets of gear. Each set also has a corresponding mask, and the Dia de Los Muertos kit has 2.


  • The bonus sets of gear are variants of sets that are already in the game. They come with the Overkill Edition DLC.
    • Overkiller is a re-textured variant of Spec Ops, and appears to have pads made of molten lava. It comes with the Overkill facemask and the Double-D Shotgun.
    • Full Auto is a recoloured variant of Extractor. It comes with the Polymer facemask and the TAH-9 machine-pistol.
    • Dia de Los Muertos is a recoloured variant of Biker, with the sleeves removed. It comes with the Dia de Los Muertos facemasks and a matching custom-skinned AK-47.
  • The Meat Shield set of gear is also a re-textured variant of the Spec Ops gear, although the pads appear to pulsate.
  • The Salem, Rios and Executive Rios sets of gear change the bicep size, and overall weight of the player character.
  • Each set of gear, apart from the bonus sets and the Skullcandy and Heavy Gunner sets, are seen being worn by the TWO operatives in Mexico.
  • The Spec Ops, Meat Shield and Overkiller sets mirror the tattoos from the operative's right arm.
  • The Full Auto, Extractor and Biker gear sets are the only ones gear that totally cover the operative, and therefore hide all tattoos.

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