The Machete Guy
Alias(es): El Carnicero
("The Butcher")
Status: Deceased
Age: 29
Cause of death: Shot by Alpha and Bravo
Nationality: Presumably Mexican
Game: Army Of Two: The Devil's Cartel

"The Machete Guy" is the Tertiary Anatagonist and a boss in Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel. He is one of the lieutenants of the Cartel.

Boss FightEdit

The Machete Guy fights using a large machete as a weapon and charges at the player, he also uses drugs in order to keep himself pain tolerant to bullets.

When you hear him bellow at you, start moving. If he catches you it's an instant incapacitation, requiring your partner to rescue you. He will occasionally call in a random thug or two to keep you busy

Several explosive barrels are dispersed throughout the room. Blowing one up with him near is a good strategy to use.

Background InformationEdit

The Machete Guy is not named in-game. Machete Guy is merely a nickname given to him by fans based on the weapon he uses.


Killed by Alpha and Bravo whilst chasing El Diablo (Salem).

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