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Tyson Rios
Alias(es): Tyse, Ranger
Status: Alive
Age: 42
Date of birth: July 26th, 1971
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Affiliation: U.S. Army Rangers, SSC, T.W.O.
Profession: Quasi-paramilitary, war vigilante, T.W.O. executive and T.W.O. pilot
Sibling(s): Sister
Played by: Russell Hornsby (AoT)
Jonathan Adams (T40D)
David Sobolov (TDC)
Games: AoT, T40D, TDC
First game: Army of Two
Appears in: 3 games

Tyson Rios is a former United States Army Ranger and is currently a TWO Operative. On the battlefield, he was teamed up with Elliot Salem for Security and Strategy Corporation and, together, they were Richard Dalton's best two mercenaries.


Some men are born with instincts and some men are born with muscle. A few are born with both. Tyson Rios is one of those few.

Built like a Mack truck, standing 6 feet 4 inches tall and raised on the mean streets of Brooklyn, Rios is a natural warrior - born to be a soldier. His tough resolve, readiness to fight, and love of heavy weaponry made him a perfect match for the US Army. Proving his mettle on the battlefield as a US Army Ranger in Somalia, Rios and his partner Elliot Salem attracted the attention of their commanding officer, Richard Dalton - and eventually, a small private military contracting firm called Security and Strategy Corporation.

In combat Rios can't be rattled. All instinct, he becomes one with the battlefield. He is careful in his movements, able to assess, adapt and overcome under pressure. Rios acts as a leader and a point of moral grounding for his less tame partner. Rios never forgets his mistakes and always learns from them, like the reminder he carries on his face. The scar - from a horrible explosion - reminds him of a cardinal rule of engagement which he once broke and never again: never let your guard down.

Partnership with SalemEdit

Salem: '"Oh no, an elevator? I'm not gonna die in a box! You should always avoid elevators during a fire."

Rios: "And you avoid bullshit in a warzone! Now get in the damn elevator!"

Rios and Salem act like brothers. They each have their own opinions on things. Salem wants to do what gets him paid (But you can change it, by picking different choices when prompted) whereas Rios is tactical and a strong headed man who wants to do what he thinks he best. The two have their differences yet they are still best of friends in the thick of things. Rios tends to be the more level headed of the pair, and it appears without Rios to keep him cool and on track, Salem may have a tendency to be more trigger happy than he is. Rios tends be slightly protective of Salem at points in game, telling him to get into cover, or to watch himself and this is most likely due to the fact that Salem is the more trigger happy of the two and may find himself in precarious situations.

Despite their differences in personalities, the pair of them compliment each other. Rios is the calming influence that Salem needs in battle and on missions, offering a different point of view on situations that Salem might otherwise over look. Rios tends not to take any crap from Salem, though the two banter easily, often joking even in the middle of a fight.

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Game appearances
Army of Two Army of Two:
The 40th Day
Army of Two:
The Devil's Cartel


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