USS  Constellation is  a Ship  that  was  Hjacked by  Chinese   Terroists   and  Sank    in  the  Phillphine  Sea  by  Rios and  Salem.

Uss  Constellation   Hjacking                                                                                                 Edit

USS   Constellation  was   sailing    in  the Philliphine  Sea  then  suddenly    Chinese  Terroists  Hjacked  it  and put  on a Colliseion    Course    with  Downtown  Milina   Rois and Salem  parachute on  to the  Aircraft  Carrier   acompany by Phillip Clyde    took  it  back.

Sinking   Edit

The Captin told  Rios  and Salem  to  arm  Nukes   in  the  Hanger    he said he  would go down   the  Ship  Denonate the Bombs      Rios  and Salem  got  out  ok.

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