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Earlier this week, Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel was released. A few critics have weighed in with their thoughts about the game. Here are a few snippets from publications on both the Internet and print. Make sure to voice your opinions on the matter below.

Loved It

Level Up
Score: 84/100
The Devil's Cartel, developed by Visceral Games, offers a frenetic, arcade style coop experience. The inclusion of the Frostbite 2 engine takes the destruction to a whole new level, especially when combined with the use of Overkill, an ability that will make you an unstoppable killing machine.

Official Xbox Magazine
Score: 75/100
Oddly, the improved enemy A.I. actually underscores a troubling issue. Often it simply isn't clear which direction you're taking damage from, and the problem worsens as your situation becomes more dire and the screen grows cloudy. While it's possible that this lack of feedback is intentional — designed to force you to rely on cover when you might otherwise endlessly scamper about — it’s consistently annoying.

Thought It Was Okay

The key part being 'when it works'. More often than not, the map design is messy and confusing to the point that it’s hard to really lock down any sort of tactic beyond surviving and fighting back. When The Devil’s Cartel moves from narrow streets into more open areas, threats appear all around you and it’s hard enough to figure out which bit of cover is safest, let alone how to initiate any fire-and-flank tactics.

The Devil's Cartel is functional and fuss-free, a game that delivers the expected genre tropes with as little imagination and as much bluster as possible. It's not a bad game, but nor does it have anything beyond basic mechanical competence to mark it out as "good" - and even that competence wobbles more than it should.

Hated It

No reviewers have hated this game.

Wikian Reviews

Now it's time for Wikian's to review Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel. If you pick up a copy, post your thoughts in the comments or post your own blog!

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