This is a list of all of the available weapon customization accessories in Army of Two: The 40th Day.


  • Rusty Stock
  • HL Reflex Core Assault Rifle Stock
  • J37 Defender Mk.IV Shotgun Stock
  • FR Elite Model 3 Sniper Stock


  • G14 Thunderstrike Assault Rifle Barrel: For G36.
  • Chepznaz Redstar Sniper Rifle Barrel: For SVD.
  • 7337 Defender Shotgun Barrel: For ?
  • TrueShot Mk.1 Rifle Barrel

Muzzle AttachmentsEdit

  • Z1 Muzzle Reducer: Reduces AGGRO.
  • EZ Muzzle Enhancer: Increases AGGRO.
  • Soda Can Silencer: Reduces AGGRO. Can be used on semi-auto pistols.
  • Double Soda Can Silencer: Reduces AGGRO. Can be used on automatic weapons and rifles.
  • D56 Suppressor: Reduces AGGRO.
  • Kitchen Knife
  • V17 Bayonet Mount: Increases AGGRO.


  • MG36 Assault Rifle Scope (2x zoom)
  • 3X Red Dot Sight (3x zoom)
  • PCG Delta EX Sniper Scope (6X zoom)

Under Barrel MountEdit

  • G5 Slanted Grip
  • TG-400 Shield
  • Pipe Bomb Launcher
  • M203 40mm Grenade Launcher

Body ArmorEdit

  • Custom Shield

See AlsoEdit

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