There are three categories of weapons in Army of Two: Primary, Secondary, and Special. Primary weapons are the guns you'll use most in combat, and are the best all-around weapons in the game. Secondary weapons are what you'll use when you want to atrract less attention from enemies, or when you're low on ammo for your primary weapon. Special weapons are high powered weapons with limited ammo that are best used in long range situations and specific circumstances.


Primary weapons are the player's main weapons, and are quite versatile.

  • Machine Guns are powerful, inaccurate weapons with high fire rates, and large ammo capacities.
  • Assault Rifles are versatile, all-purpose weapons with varying statistics.
  • Shotguns are powerful weapons with small ammo capacities and a short effective range.
  • Grenade Launchers are powerful explosive weapons, with limited ammo, and fire in an arc.


Secondary weapons are the player's back-up weapons, and are best used when low on ammo, or taking out weaker enemies.

  • Pistols are small weapons, with varying statistics, and are reasonably versatile.
  • Submachine Guns are weapons with relatively low damage, and high rates of fire.


Special weapons are the most powerful weapons available to the player, but have small ammo capacities, and ammo drops are rare.

  • Sniper Rifles are powerful and accurate scoped weapons that have small ammo capacities.
  • Rocket Launchers are extremely powerful explosive weapons, but have very limited ammo.


Most weapons in the game are customizable. A list of the customization types is here, and specific customization options are on each weapon's article.